How do I export mesh with bones that are not linked from blender?

I am having trouble exporting a single mesh with bones from Blender that are not linked by extrusion. Parenting the mesh and other armatures to the main armature makes the model imported into Studio with either no bones at all or with only a single bone inside the mesh.

In Blender, I select the mesh and then all bones and the main bone last, then I parent them with automatic weights. In the export, I limit it to selected objects with armatures and mesh. I tried uploading it playing with different options of the Armatures in the export window. There’s no difference when importing into Studio.

How can I export them so that it can be loaded into Studio properly?

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Some answers I need first:

  1. What file type are you exporting from Blender?
  2. How are you importing the rigged mesh to Roblox?

Make sure that your model is rigged and have bone weights properly. When you export from Blender, make sure it’s in FBX file. When you import to Roblox, make sure to use the mesh importer.

This video will help: How to import Mesh Deformation Rigs! | Roblox Studio (Part 1 of 2) - YouTube

It’s FBX. I made a game with a deformed snake before and the bones were linked, so there’s no issue there.

For this one, the bones were separate armatures. I tried both the old custom avatar importer and the new import 3D. The old one is giving me only one bone and when I tried again, it gives me only the mesh. The new one shows the bones, but then they’re all in one single position. It’s all messed up. I’ll check out the video to see if they do anything differently.

Hmmm can you send me a picture of the hierarchy and the model you have in Blender?
You need to have the bones in one armature. If you want different armature, you should weigh the vertex different amounts and separate them. But make sure to keep them in one armature.

Woah, yeah, okay. You need to rig your model again. It needs to only have one armature and the rest bones. You can move the vertex you want out of the way since they’re overlapping and then paint them with weight brush.

Basically just have one armature. in the image you sent, it has 9 armatures there.

Okay, I see. I just unparent them all and deleted all the armatures. Now just the mesh.

I watched the video and he didn’t parent anything. He just selected the armatures and mesh then export them. I’ll try your way with bones instead of multiple armatures.

I’m going back and forth and it’s still not working. Not sure what’s going on. I did changed a bit on the legs and arms.

Thanks @MiseDevelopment for your response that got me looking into Vertex Groups and Weight Paint. It’s not as simple as in the past when I didn’t need to use any of those and just using the automatic weight parenting and then import into Studio.

The new way is that I have to manually set the weights myself.

Here’s the video that helped me for others having the same problem:

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