How do I export Roblox terrain to other 3d software WITH textures?

When exporting Roblox terrain to any other 3d software the texture data is lost:



Many people faced this issue in the past so I found a bunch of topics about this, most of them without a solution til this day.

But I found this post, by @Aotrou, that gives a possible solution: finding the path of the terrain texture files and exporting them to Blender:

the post is from 2019 so the path in the image provided is wrong, but I managed to find it in the recent studio versions:

however, as you can see, only the .json files are there, no diffuse map or anything.

Also, after looking at the content of the .json files looks like they’re just the configuration of each terrain material, there’s nothing to get there.

So, I have two questions:

  1. Am I in the wrong file path? If yes, what’s the correct one?

  2. Is there any other way to export Roblox terrain with textures to other 3d software?

Also, before answering, keep in mind:

  1. I can’t just paint the textures in Blender because I need them to be exactly like in Studio. I’ll use them as reference for an animation that will be made in Blender and played in Studio, so if the textures are different the animation will make no sense.

  2. Any help is appreciated.

Im not sure where but if you keep digging around in the file you may be able to find something

I know you said you weren’t gonna repaint it in Blender but if worst comes to worst you could add markers on your terrain in Roblox and export them to Blender so you know what color goes where.

The .json file? There’s nothing special there, only the materials configuration:

Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind as a last resource.

If I add markers I won’t need to repaint it though, I just need to know where is grass and where is path/ground to make some characters follow it, a small cutscene I’m animating just for testing, I don’t want to animate an r15 without Blender inverse kinematics :sob:

Thanks for your answer anyway.

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