How do I find my tween?

Hi so i’m looking to use :Pause() for a tween that’s located in ANOTHER script, in a localscript but I don’t know how to find tweens or where they are located. How would I be able to find this tween so I can stop it from running in another script that’s separate? Thank you.

You could create a module script for this or use BindableEvents. You can fire the bindable and have the other script detect it and cancel the tween. If you use a module script, you can create a function that cancels it.

If it’s Server → Client (or vice versa) use RemoteEvents. (usage)

Tweens aren’t Instances in the same way that "Part"s are. I’m wrong, but still don’t recommend parenting them places :slight_smile:

They’re closer to tables or strings or numbers—just variables, not parented anywhere and have no concept of “where”.

Then how am I supposed to find them and cancel it? I can only do that in the script that it was created in?


That, or you expose it to the outside world somehow.

Like @HugeCoolboy2007 said, you can use events to do that.

Or you could wrap your tweens in a ModuleScript that lets two scripts access the same tween (that works because module scripts are sort of the same script as the one require’ing them).

No, they are instances – the same way BaseParts are. TweenService:Create() returns a Tween instance which, of course, inherits the same properties from the base Instance class

In the same way as other instances, I can parent it somewhere.

local tw = game:GetService("TweenService"):Create(workspace.Baseplate,, {Size =, 20, 50)})
tw.Parent = workspace

And there’s your object


Dang, fair play :slight_smile:

I still don’t think it’s a good idea to parent them somewhere just to expose their methods to multiple scripts, but hey, if it’s possible and it works, I’m not a cop.

Also you have a memory leak if you don’t destroy your tweens!

Are both of your scripts LocalScript?
If so, try using “_G” to reference the tween in another script.