How do I find the r15 animation IDs?

I’m trying to find the IDs of r15 animations, such as:

I’m attempting to find the IDs for the Knight r15 package but have not been successful. Where do I get them?

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look at the link (top of the entire page) and theres number id

underlined in black

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This ID here does not work. It is a reference to the actual marketplace item, not the animation ID.

Trying to use this ID results in an error.

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well then i have no clue if its not working for you then try using something like animation spoofer

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I used a plugin (idk if it’s BTRoblox, Roblox+ or RoPro) to check the dependencies and it gave me the actual animation id which is 10921127095

i suggest loading the asset (the Knight Walk for this case) in Roblox Studio using InsertService:LoadAsset() (don’t forget to parent the model) and inside the model it should contain an animation together with the animation id you wanted


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