How do I find the server region from the website?

The roblox extension RoPro has a feature where you can see what region the server is in from the website. I want to know if I can use inspect element and see if I can see the server region that i want to join.

I’m not entirely sure about this topic, but it would seem odd to store the server information in the html code of a webpage. RoPro is not open source although they have an api system with a tool being used to fetch server information, which is where they most likely find the region from. To find out the server region without RoPro you would have to code something that runs on either a server or your machine to grab the server information of every server on the list.

TL:DR Inspect element won’t give you the server region

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How do they get the server region without any bots joining the game? Any ideas?

You would first have to obtain the ip of the server, that I am not sure how. From there you could code a geolocation api or use existing services like to find out the longitude information of the server, then match that to all existing Roblox server locations longitude values.

I’m unable to explain exactly how you would be able to do this, although I am sure there are resources available online

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you hath awoken me (i didnt check the devforum for a while)

i also have another thread @ryanadamdragon, this one. it has server IPs, but 80% of them are unsorted.