How do I find the source of an error message?

Can’t find source of an error message.

There’s an error that says “11:55:40.032 - Attempt to connect failed: Passed value is not a function”

but I’m not able to click on it. is there a way to find out what line/script is causing this error?

If you use the next few lines after the error message in the console (they will probably be in a blue color if you’re using dark theme) you should be able to track down the source.

If there are no blue lines, then:

Sometimes I’ll see this in local scripts, where a script inside of a player is deleted once the player leaves. Then it won’t let you enter the script because the actual source, the local script that was automatically given to the player who doesn’t exist anymore, is not there. Try checking it during runtime.

If you open this and see something you haven’t written, then:

The error is not your fault, it’s Roblox’s. It probably won’t hurt your game too badly. If, however, it does, then refer to this article.