How do i fix a broken Stereo (not made by me)

This is a Stereo (not made by me)

i want help to fix. Its not working when i press the play button.

pls help me that will mean a lot thank you.

Stereo.rbxm (21.3 KB)

I’m sure you could pay someone. this isn’t really a request code. Attempt to fix it and point out where you are stuff and I’m sure people will be happy to help you when you get stuff. No one is going to just do all your work.

Ok, I’m not going to write scripts for you, but to answer this, the problem is that it is trying to get the text from the server when the button is clicked. You should be getting the text locally then passing it to the server.
Edit: I changed my mind, I fixed it because I had nothing else to do. Here is the fixed model, just make sure to check the scripts and see what the problem was for yourself. FixedSterio.rbxm (22.3 KB)

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Thank you so much. I got what was wrong there tysm :smiley: