How do I fix items in backpack colliding with characters?

While testing my simple block tool I noticed that the part of the block was in my characters arm.
I know there is a plugin that you can use to fix this problem, but it costs 25 robux and I have none right now. If you know a different solution, help would be appreciated.

I’m not experienced but I’d suggest maybe trying to add an invisible block to one side roughly 0.5 studs. This would maybe move to block so that its not inside your arm. I don’t know if it will work but it’s definately worth a try.

I hope this will help!

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If you’re referring to the plugin @Maximum_ADHD made, you can build and install it yourself from here (requires rojo) :

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I don’t think it works. Thank you for trying to help!

I don’t know how to work that. Thank you for trying to help!

Hello there,

Maybe it’s on YouTube, I don’t think the hare is, otherwise you probably won’t ask it here.

I don’t know if you ever spawnd an NPC in your studio to make a house. You probably noticed that it has green balls almost everywhere. They also use them to put hats exactly on your doll. Maybe you can try this someday, I just don’t know if it works because I never make tools but you can always try!

I hope you find the solution soon!


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Edit the tool’s toolgrip as shown in this gif:

Play with the GripForward option as that’s most likely what will fix it

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