How do I fix my live like script

I have my script that checks the likes but it keeps saying argument i missing or nil
this is my code

local HttpProxy = require(game.Workspace.HttpProxyService:Clone())

while wait(0) do

local Val
local Count
local Sucsess, Err = pcall(function()
	Val = game.HttpService:JSONEncode(HttpProxy:GetAsync("").upVotes)

if Sucsess then



No idea what proxyservice is, maybe show us the code of that?

It’s do with the fact that you can’t request roblox apis from inside roblox.

If you want to try and use the proxy service, there’s a good article here that should help but even that requires 3rd party software.

But I don’t know the source code lol. What are we supposed to do without the source code?

You can’t request roblox apis inside of roblox, you need to use a third party website like to request the data for you. (I think)

Like you said that’s what proxyservice is for, but we don’t have the source.

I’m not exactly sure, he could be talking about this: