How do I fix the position of the movement axes with ROBLOX characters in Blender?

Hi all, I didn’t manage to find any posts about this and I’ve been having to deal with this for quite a while now.

Whenever I import ROBLOX avatars into Blender, the movement axes are always a ridiculous distance away from the actual avatar.

Here’s an example:

What it should look like:

Is there a solution to this?


Your character is not at the middle

set the HumanoidRootPart position to 0,0,0
because most of the time people forgot to do this and it’s hard to move it back

if this doesn’t fix then it’s supposed to be corrupted files


object drop down menu > origin > geometry


Select the character mesh in the Outliner, now head to Object Porperties and set both X and Y location to 0
Last but not least get sure that the Z location (height) is right to, so the chars feet touch the floor grid, if not move the char up or down the Z Axis with 1 unit snapping increments.

You might also afterwards want to change the meshes point of Origin to the 3D cursor, if it isn’t there already ( origin should be at the bottom middle of the feet/legs)
To do so select your mesh and click on Object > Set Origin > Origin to 3D cursor.

Two ways you can fix this.

When you export it, I recommend you make sure the origin of your .obj file is at X: 0 and Z:0 to ensure that it pastes into blender at the center of the file.

To fix it:

Object > Set Origin > Origin to Geometry

This allows your Origin to be selected to the Object

Or you can do

Object > Set Origin > Geometry to Origin

This allows your Object to be teleported to your Origin which is the circle in the center of the file.

If you’re still confused here’s a tiny video that shows ya what to do.

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