How do i fix the Roblox Battle Royale weapons so they don't force you to shift lock?

So i recently made a shooter game with a friend, the game name is Fight Time 2. We used the Roblox Battle Royale open source weapons because we couldn’t find good tutorials. The guns work perfectly but even when you don’t equip them players are forced in shift-lock. It’s very annoying because we can’t add a shop GUI because the mouse is locked. I already tried to remove the ShoulderCamera script but the guns wouldn’t work at all. Please help. Thank you

edit: this post is pretty old and some parts may sound pretty cringe, as if I was begging for a solution. I won’t delete the post due to the high amount of views, assuming more people want to know the solution to this.


Hi, I ran into the exact same problem.

My way of fixing it was to run this code in a local script with the tool being the parent:

local WeaponsSystem = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.WeaponsSystem.WeaponsSystem)
local tool = script.Parent



Added: I ran into some visual issues when unequippting the weapons that I am still working on. but it will fix the mouse issue for you.


I tried it, it works but it’s quite buggy because when i don’t have the weapon equipped, the camera stands lower then it should be and i run slower for some reason. Thank you for responding btw.
Edit: i toggled the sprinting off and the walkspeed is normal now but i had an shift to sprint script added in the StarterCharScripts that is not related to the gun and also a sprint/walk GUI, they don’t work anymore


yeah i had that too if i would remove the shouldercamera script the gun wont work at all


The solution I used is on there, which is why I linked it.

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I didn’t find anything that would fix the shouldercamera, only how to edit it.

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You can’t remove the entire script - it will break the guns, as you’ve experienced. However my edit does prevent it from sticking around after unequipping the gun and/or dying. I would honestly recommend keeping the guns in first person for realism and placing the shop at like a menu or something, but if you really want the guns in third person, try experimenting with it and see if you can manage to disable it.

I’ll look at the script later today or tomorrow and see if I can figure it out and I’ll reply back if I do.


I will try something that would make you able to move your mouse freely in first person and that should work for thrid person mouse lock too, thank you alot btw