How do I fix this choppy frame?

Good day. I have been currently experiencing some client sided lag. I have created a flight control system that is playable on mobile phones.

However every few frames it seems to pause. This is constant and irritating. It does not lead to a smooth gameplay.

Here I have taken some profiler information.

Does anyone know how to read these? if so what can I do to alliviate this problem.

There are only a handfull of objects that are rendering. Terrain, Character and a 20 part mesh plane.

I am using a Redmi 6

Did you check your broswer tabs / windows?

This is on a mobile. There are no apps running in the foreground other than Roblox.

Storage? Check your storage, that might be the cause

There is plenty storage on my phone I have a 32GB Flash drive with 32GB SD card. I have around 8GB free space on the flash drive. That more than adequate to run Roblox.

In terms of memory, There is 4GB Ram and a usage of it is around 600MB. I am confident it’s not a Memory issue.

There is not many assets in the workplace other than a loading screen image.

Further testing has also shown s it is prone to crashing.

I only have one phone so I don’t know if this is just on my phone or if it is my code.

Here is the link to the game. Go to the flight controls. Currently removed all other computer controls.

Please let me know if this happens on your mobile device.