How do i fix this lighting?

Hello i need help fixing this lighting im using surface lights heres the picture.

As you can see there are black lines which is not ideal.
Any info on how to fix it would help!


Make the surface lights closer together so there aren’t any black lines.

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It looks better but there still there.

If we’re talking about the same thing, that’s Gradient Shading, you could probably reduce it’s effect, by disabling “Shadows” check box in the part(s) properties.


Maybe you could make the parts to how they were originally were when you made this topic, and add extra invisible parts with surface lights on them and adjust the brightness to make it look good and patch up the black parts.

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Yeah but wouldnt that lead to alot more parts and cause more lag?

Indeed it would, It’s literally just a result of shadows, which like I said, can be removed via Properties in any part, or completely disabled Via Lighting > Shadows

I don’t think so. You would only have to add a few parts. And plus, you could make them pretty big to stretch out as far as you need them to. Just use one part for each black line.

Nearly no effect on the part and lines.

Go to your Studio Settings > Quality Level, and tell me what Level it’s on. If it’s on 15+ then I don’t think you’re able to turn those off, I believe it’s shading for Future, unlike LegacyA.

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My quality level is on max and my game runs on future lighting.
So thats sad.

Yea, then it’s shadow Gradient applying itself, I don’t think that’s fixable ATM, though you can try to play around with the game’s Ambient, Draw, and other Lighting Properties to try to bring it to a minimum, I believe brightness does affect it, but brightness is also a negative effect, at too high of a level (If not blended correctly.)

You can also try making the ambient lighter in Lighting settings so there isn’t many dark shadows.

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The change would only be drastic in developing, that can always be changed by adjusting your Rendered Settings.

But wouldnt that change the game drasticly? Because this is a sci fi type game.

It’s completely your choice, I was just giving ideas.