How do I fix this very frustrating issue with climbing without changing the slope?

I have a slope in my game and to be honest, the incline isn’t even that drastic. Yet I proceed to get this very frustrating bug that makes the user experience horrible.


This should not happen – it is a bug. Can you use the post approval process to file a bug with a small rbxl file that demonstrates the issue?

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Never once did I jump backwards in this clip

Yet my character seems to hook onto the slope.
Recreating this bug is as easy as making a new place with just a base-plate and setting its orientation to:

15, 0, 0

Do you have a low framerate while doing this? I’m asking this because this happens a lot more when the user’s machine is lagging, due to hardware limitations.

Nope my rig brings in the max frames roblox allows using a 1080 and i7.

It’s not a frame-rate issue (Gyazos run at low frame-rates, thats not my PC.)

Its also not just an issue of mine, all users have to jump on an angle for this annoying bug not to effect them.
It only happens with R16 models.

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Thats not supposed to happen.
You can try unioning the grass blocks between the kill blocks and see if that fixes the issue. You can try artificial collisions by making the grass non-col and adding a invisible brick as collision.

Thats definitely a bug

Please file a bug report as mentioned above.