How do I fix this weird-looking animation

Can you help me fix this weird-looking animation?

What I have tried:
Setting the animation’s priority


local anim ="Animation")
anim.AnimationId = animIds[clickCounter1]
local animTrack = hum:LoadAnimation(anim)
animTrack.Priority = Enum.AnimationPriority.Action

You don’t have to worry about those variables that I didn’t mention btw

Is the problem that its canceling the run animation? Just remove all keyframes that act on the legs/feet?

you can try to add a lowertorso keyframe in the animations. because i think the one that causes the player to bounce around is because there’s no lowerTorso keyframe in the animation. so the lowerTorso can be moved with another animation which is the walking animation.

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I will try that, thx (30 chars)