How do i fix this weird terrain texture issue?

this weird texture appears only when i lower my graphics quality below 8 ( means it’s normal when the quality is 8 or above).
i’ve tried to reinstall roblox but it keeps occuring.

can you show how is this texture looks like above quality 8 (how you sayed, about if 8 and more its normal)?

and where this problem is happening?

here’s the normal texture

(its happening in both roblox player and studio)
— this only happens in roblox player

okay, may i get game file with this texture?
I will look what is happened.

could you tell me the location of the texture file?

its must be graphics problem.
Im need to look terrain and Lighting settings.
or maybe its drivers problem.

i’m not sure how to show you all of those

okay im tryed to copy what is in your game but, i dont found a problem with texture.
Maybe i need look for problems in your place.
so just give me your game file im will try to texture problem arrive.
If i will dont get this problem its might be problem with your drivers on PC.

how should i give you my roblox game file ?


sorry for the mistake, it turned out that this weird thing only happens in games not studio

then publish place and i will join in it and will try to this bug arrived to me.

that place where i was standing is Project Star - Roblox
at the big desert