How Do I Fix this?

IPad Screen:
IPhone Screen:
My Screen:
UIGridLayout Properties:

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You have to use scale and not offset.



Offset is the worst option to use, its only implemented for PC devices, but still, it’s better using scale because most PC devices will use a bigger or a smaller screen. Scale is basically your best friend when it comes to GUIs.

you should always keep offset 0

This allows you to stabilize your GUIs to either offset or scale, depending on whichever you select.

With a press of a button (or two!), it can also allow you to automatically configuring Roblox’s UIAspectRatioConstraint to keep the UI proportional on all devices.

1,0,1,0 is the size of udim for full screen

how do i convert offset to scale?

all the position is scale and it has uiaspectratio but still its not working

I don’t know if there’s a a formula about this, but you firstly set the offsets to 0, then you grab and move your GUI around until you meet your desired position.

Also this should never in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support.

I’m using a uigridlayout on scrolling frame

There’s a plugin that does it automatically.