How do I fix this?

The issue:
Any image/decal can be seen like in the image from outside - and I don’t want that to happen.
It also makes any block that has a transparency between 0 and 1 shown from outside aswell.

the upper part here
has 0.5 transparent

How can I fix this? So that it wouldn’t show the decals/text/transparent blocks from outside?
Please notice that if the brick[which has the texture and from inside is the window] has 0 transparency, it wouldnt show the decal through it - BUT it’d make the windows from inside blocked to view.


Hi, instead of a transparent part, with a texture on it, blocking the view from the outside, you should instead import a 1-sided mesh “plane”, and insert the texture onto it. :slight_smile:


maybe you could remake or make something like a board so.
the decal did not touch the wall, but the board do

maybe you need to set TEXTURE A to always on top

Hey, what do you mean by that? So I should use a brick shaped mesh instead of the brick?

Go into blender, create a plane, that plane is automatically one-faced, so you just export that plane as obj, and import it into studio. You then put a texture onto the plane, like you did with your transparent glass, now it’s only see-through from one side. (The one without texture)

Tried it, didn’t seem to have changed the issue.

If you don’t want the decal to be shown while looking through the window into the building, change the window material to Glass, you wont be able to see any decals, parts with 0 > transparency and chat bubbles (if enabled)

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Thank you!
Also, do you know why this happens?


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Did you set the plane transparency to 0?

Its because the part itself is transparent, but the decal is only visible from one side and it isn’t actually a solid “part” that can block light, atleast thats what I think is going on

What might fix that issue is enabling “Shadows” on the light in the light part, and changing your lighting type to Future (optional)

I attached a photo of what the issue might be
When looking up you can see the bottom of the top part of the window frame, which is illuminated by the light, but when looking from a top view, you dont see said bottom.

I tried drawing it to give you a better example of what I mean
The distant view is actually a closeup of looking from the top down

Also, mark your post as solved, so someone wont try to fix the already solved problem