How do I force players not to have a package?

So I clicked game settings in studio and apparently you need an ID to set the mesh and the problem with that is Roblox doesn’t have an ID for no package. I want the player to be blocky rather than smooth looking for this game.


There are scripts you can get from the Toolbox for that, there’s more than enough!

If you know about this tell me how to find them.

It’s bad practice to use free models instead of trying to problem-solve.


Yeah, but I don’t know how to do it and nobody seems to know how to do it here.

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There’s a solution to this problem here in another post I found while doing some digging.


You ought to do a little searching before posting threads in the future.

There are code samples here that show how you can remove packages from the player. Get the current HumanoidDescription, apply 0 values to the body parts keys and then apply that description back. A full code sample can be found above (didn’t see they posted before I did).

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I’m aware of this it’s also a thing with game settings. I just don’t know how to get the default package when you have no packages on.

EDIT: Nvm I’ll check it out.

It’s not bad practice to use objects from the toolbox. There are some items that can legitimately problem solve, whether it’s by using the raw item or learning from the concepts it puts forth.

@Dracolyx You can’t set 0 values from the Game Settings tab if I recall correctly, it’s some kind of odd behaviour. HumanoidDescriptions allow you to get unpackaged limbs (“default package”) if you apply a HumanoidDescription with 0 values for the body parts keys.


You can do maybe a loop checking for CharacterMesh and removing them, like:

for i,v in pairs(c:GetChildren()) do
if v:IsA(“CharacterMesh”) then


Does not work for R15 characters. Limbs are created out of MeshParts and form the actual parts needed for the character.

Worked like a charm! :sunglasses: :ok_hand: I’ve spent 2 hours finding a way to replicate it to my own game, didn’t even think about looping. xdd