How do I gain access to publish my plugin to the plugin marketplace?

Disclaimer: I’m not really sure where to post this and I’m also a “member”, not a “trusted member” so I don’t believe I have access to any categories that may be more relevant.

How does one gain privileges to post to the plugin marketplace?
I don’t recall there being any news other than what was published in the original post about the plugin marketplace.

I’m currently working on a plugin and I think once it’s done it will be pretty cool and people would buy it. But how exactly do I gain access to developer marketplace in the firstplace? I was not able to find any information on how to join the marketplace. I tried publishing a test plugin and could only sell it for free in the old market.

Again, sorry if this is the wrong category but I really could not figure out where else to put this.

From the Plugin Marketplace topic:

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So I take it that no further details have been shared? There’s not a thread we can submit a plugin to for review? I don’t see anything on the roadmap.

Nothing as of yet, I’m certain it will be open for more developers soon.