How do I get a blender model into roblox and make it still keep its color?

How do I import a model from blender into roblox and make it still have the same color as it did in blender? I usally import it into roblox and its just gray, so is there a special way to make it have the same color?


I don’t think so, you could only import the model first then it’s texture, I have a special video here to teach you.

That link doesn’t work. It only says: page could not be found

Oh, in that case, go to YouTube and maybe search up how to import textures from blender models.

I have, But they are all old versions of blender which dont work for me.

I have screenshoted message. Try searching up for this.

Since you’re using a blender, I can help with that.

I suggest using the HEX variant of your mesh.

Then, go to this website called

Copy the RGB palette and paste it to your mesh’s Color.

I hope this helps you for now.

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You can’t. you’ll need to insert it and give it the textures. go to youtube to find some tuts.

There is a possible auto-texture you can look through into this forum post.

Most of the time try to uv unwrap manually or smart uv project, because computer software apply colors on a object from a 2d plane. There are tutorials on youtube where you can apply textures on a uv-unwrap, or texture paint.

For basic uv unwrap:

Go to edit mode
Press A to select all
Go press u
Press smart uv project
Go to uv editing or texture paint to find your unwrapped texture.

For manual uv unwrap: (Have to use geometrical thinking to do this)

Go to edit mode
Press 2 to edge select mode
Click on edges that will divide the shape apart.
Right click
Press Mark seam
Press A
Press U
Press Unwrap
Go to Uv editing to move around the texture by pressing G, or just leave it like that.

There are tutorials for blender on both of my methods, in a more detailed and examples.

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