How do I get a random audio id from HttpService? [SOLVED]

I found a really cool website that gets a random audio id from roblox!
The website API:
This was my script:

local HttpService = game:GetService('HttpService')
local Sound ='Sound')
local editSound = string.sub(HttpService:GetAsync(''), 0, 67347)
Sound.Parent = workspace
Sound.SoundId = 'rbxassetid://'.. string.gsub(editSound, script.Last.Value, '')
Sound.Playing = true

Is it possible just to get the songId content from the HTML?

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I don’t need any help, I have the radio script.

Ok! I would just like to mention that a lot of audios on roblox arent songs, so It would probably be best if you find audio you would like to use and put them in a list or something like that.

But the website will get audios that are songs.
These songs were put in the website by people

Ok, I was just letting you know just incase! :slight_smile:

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