How do I get all of a players active gamepasses even if their inventory is set to private

I know how to make a script which gets all the players active gamepasses by using http service and then decoding the JSON. But this only works if the player has their inventory set to public. How could I get all of a players gamepasses even if their inventory is set to private? I know this is possible because plz donate was able to accomplish this

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I don’t think that’s possible sadly.

If their inventory is private, than its not possible to get a player’s gamepasses.

Pls Donate was not able to accomplish it. They alert the user when they join that you have to set your inventory to public in order for the game to see your gamepasses.

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Yup, NO GAME has access to your gamepasses if they are private, so there is NO way to do that.

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I just joined plz donate after setting my inventory to private and my gamepasses still showed up

That’s not true, you prob had your games gamepasses on or something I’ve joined it once with No gamepass and it asked me to not set it private.

Oh ok. Thank you for the help :+1: