How do i get an event of a remote

The main reason i say this is because I want to get that “FireServer” event.

We all know Remote.OnServerEvent, but can we get the Remote.FireServer event?
Im not trying to fire the remote, I just want to get the event


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What would you need this for? I can’t think of any scenario where you need to “get” the Remote.FireServer event.

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I fully need it, i just asked how. It is fully possible but I don’t know how

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If you want to just get the remote, put it in ReplicatedStorage and then do local RS = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage") and then make a path to the remote in a variable.

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i need the .FireServer event, im not trying to fire it like Remote:FireServer

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You can get the event of a RemoteEvent connection by assigning it to a variable…

local Event 
Event = RemoteEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function()


If you wanted to disconnect it, you can do Event:Disconnect()

You cannot get/assign the direct function of a RemoveEvent/BindableEvent like RemoteFunctions or BindableFunctions… You can only make a new connection to it using :Connect. But in the script, you could simply just create a function (not lambas/anonymous) and put that through the :Connect parameter and then you could use that function for something later on.


I don’t know what you really mean…
But if you just want it, you need to use it from a LocalScript.

local event = game.ReplicatedStorage.RemoteEvent

Note FireServer is just usable in LocalScripts, so you could for example put it in StarterPack or something.

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Maybe this will work?

local event = remote:FireServer
event() --? 
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You’re clearly confused here, ‘FireServer’ is a function, more specifically a method of ‘RemoteEvent’ objects.

You can assign the function (method) to a variable and call it later but this isn’t really necessary.

local FireServer = RemoteEvent.FireServer
FireServer(RemoteEvent) --Passing the 'RemoteEvent' object itself as the first argument is required.
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thats not the .FireServer event at all lol, I never asked for .OnServerEvent