How do I get an issue solved on the Devforum?

In the time it took me to get member level on the Devforums, I noticed a couple things, including that this community is rather quick to help solve issues in the Support category. However, once I reached member level and posted a question, after the time I noticed problems are usually solved, or at least responded to by, I still hadn’t gotten an answer. I let a couple of days go by, still no answer. My post is beginning to be buried now, and I doubt anybody can still find it just scrolling through the Scripting Support category. What I wanted to know is whether or not there’s any way to still get the problem solved, if there’s an unlikely chance of the post being found. I know bumping is not allowed, but I can’t really continue my game until I have an answer.

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I think its all about luck, some times my posts don’t even get help and just die.
Its about waiting a little and seeing if people have knowledge in that part you need help with.


Could you link me to the post you need help with? I might be able to help. I’m not on the forums all the time, lol, but yeah.


Sometimes it’s something as simple as the title of your post. You could try editing the title to see if you get more hits.

Sooo many times on the Scripting Support forum I see posts with titles like “my script doesn’t work” or “I need help with my script” or “Scripting problem”.

I’ve started to ignore these posts a lot of the time because usually the next line is something like “My gui doesn’t move” and that’s the entire post. No script posted, no descriptions about how they’ve tried to fix it, or any searches they’ve done for other posts to fix the issue.

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Not sure if this counts as advertising a post, but here you go:
How do I Align Parts Correctly in a Building System? - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - DevForum | Roblox

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I asked for it, but if it’s an issue pms are a things. I’ll check it out when it get the chance.

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