How do I get an rthro package?

I am trying to figure out how to get an rthro package I want to use in game. I just tried searching in toolbox and could not find anything.

Specifically, I need this one. image

At the bottom of every bundle, there is a “Included Items” section with all individual parts (like the right arm, etc.). Click on each of them, and on each of their pages, you should see a download icon:

If not, maybe I have it due to an extension (I have BTR and Roblox+), so you get can those if needed. The download is essentially an RBXM file, basically the objects.

Go to studio, right click on workspace, and click Insert From File. Select the RBXM files and it will insert the configuration of the body part (like the meshpart with the texture and the attachments, too).


It was because of that, but I will install them


I already made a system for this. I had to do it the hard way at first because Roblox didn’t have an API for it when I first made it. The easy way to do it is using HumanoidDescriptions.

Here you go: Rthro Package Testing - Roblox

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