How do i get around with using blender for assets?

Hi, i’m in need of big help

I’ve been trying too learn blender for assets but its been a long pain

can someone drop me a tutorial or example on how it works


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I highly suggest viewing this playlist created by the official Blender YouTube channel.

Alright!, Thanks for the feedback!

Your using 2.8?, Correct?
Familiarize yourself with first the viewport controls and then vertices manipulation
Then run for the modifiers

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2.83.0 too be exact and i’ll try but what are those? i never used blender lol.

This topic has been brought on the forums here. Please use the search feature.

If your beginner or wanting to learn try blender gurus beginner tutorial (donut & mug) is a great place to start, it’s incredibly in terms of learning the basic tools, techniques, and workflow of blender. He also goes into more detail and explains a lot. There are a lot softwares you could learn but blender is a good 3D software because its very useful and free. However it takes practice and patience to get the hang of blender.

Always learn the software first. Here is a few thread that leaves a bunch of tips and tutorials on how to get started consider searching before posting just to make sure your question hasn’t been already asked.

Search before posting!