How do I get character skin color?

How do I obtain the players skin color. In my game I have a custom race system, and if you’re human, I want their skin color to be the skin color they chose on roblox.

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Players:GetCharacterAppearanceInfoAsync(PLAYER_ID) returns a table which includes the sub-table “bodyColors”

More info: Players:GetCharacterAppearanceInfoAsync

simple enough:

		local description = game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(player.UserId)
		local bodyColors = character:FindFirstChildOfClass("BodyColors") or character:WaitForChild("BodyColors")
		if bodyColors then
			local torso = description.TorsoColor
			local head = description.HeadColor
			local lArm = description.LeftArmColor
			local rArm = description.RightArmColor
			local lLeg = description.LeftLegColor
			local rLeg = description.RightLegColor
			-- put the colors
			bodyColors.TorsoColor3 = torso
			bodyColors.HeadColor3 = head
			bodyColors.LeftLegColor3 = lLeg
			bodyColors.RightLegColor3 = rLeg
			bodyColors.LeftArmColor3 = lArm
			bodyColors.RightArmColor3 = rArm
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local HumDesc = Character.Humanoid:GetAppliedDescription()

local BodyParts = {

--Conditional here behind this 'if you're a human' ya said eh
local UserChoosed = 1 -- Example UserId Of Roblox
local ChoosenUserHumDesc = game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(UserChoosed)

for i = 1, #BodyParts do
	HumDesc[BodyParts[i].."Color"] = ChoosenUserHumDesc[BodyParts[i].."Color"]