How DO I get ideas for a map

I’m making map for free for all game idk what to make though

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Add some scenery such as cactus

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If you’re going for a more desert theme (I’m assuming you are due to the sand and general aesthetic), I’d look for some reference images. If you want to keep the current walls, I suggest sticking with a more blocky style. Maybe add some small shrubs, cacti, or piles of sand scattered around. As for non-natural decoration, it’s good to consider a time period for the game. Assuming it’d be a bit more modern, maybe some crates, tools, and small structures would work well. Play around with the scene and aesthetic and find what works well.

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go to google and look up deserts or something and try using cactus or animal skulls maybe add an oasis or a well

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Could you be specific?

“I don’t know” is not a valid answer. Tell everything about how you want it to be.
You can tell what this map theme would be, what layout, what would it look like?

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Start with a general idea and then make use of external stimuli to expand your thoughts.

For instance, say I want to make a forest/wooded map. I don’t know where to start. All I know is that I want a forest type map.

First, you need to find your design constraints. For instance:
How big does the map need to be?
If the map is for a certain game, what features should it include?
Do you need to make gameplay considerations?
Is there a part count limit?

These are all important things to consider.

Once you determine constraints, I would recommend looking up forests. What things are in forests? What do they look like?

Once you find a number of things that are directly related, you should go on and find some completely random items that are unrelated to help stimulate ideas. For instance, you could use a pin. Using this, you could consider what a pin does. You can think of phrases that may be associated with it. I’m going to associate the pin with the phrase: It was so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

Now, how can I relate that to a forest? Well, this gives me ideas about the atmosphere I want to create. Do I want there to be sounds, or do I want it to be quiet?

External stimuli may not yield any results, but they help make stuff unique.

As other people said, you didn’t really provide a lot of information about your project, so it’s hard to provide more specific feedback. Hopefully this helps.