How do i get into realism building?

How do i get into Making stuff like this?,

Btw Picture by (enecof)


Also image by (@realr0cu) on twitter.

I Try too go low-poly realism

so some tips would help!



From the looks of it, the first image seems to be designed with the tools that Roblox Studio provides, while the second image primarily consists of meshes imported from a third party application such as Blender.

If you’re interested in getting into a low poly building style such as the second image, I think it’s worthwhile to consider learning a program like Blender. It makes you a natural at creating objects such as those seen in the second image.

Learning how to use a program is only half the battle, as there is a good amount of creativity that goes into creating a scenery like that. Creativity isn’t something that always comes to you naturally, so finding inspirations online can always be useful when creating a scenery like that.

With the right mindset, skills, and lots of practice, there shouldn’t be anything holding you back from creating amazing maps!

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This was really helpful Thanks for the information!

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Thing is something keeps holding me back from trying too use blender tbh.

i have it on My PC but i barely use it.

I suggest devoting a month into learning blender. Blender is a big application, but the roblox mesh side of it is rather small. I would go and watch blender guru’s level one of basics of blender. You learn how to model pretty well in that. Then after that search up anything you want to make on blender but as a tutorial. For me, I did “How to make a katana in blender”. There was a 45 minute tutorial which taught me a lot. So yeah, that’s my advice, good luck dude!

Alright, Thanks. (30CharsMomment)