How do I get other categories available for my options?

Hi, I am new “Member” here in the Roblox Developer forum, and I wanted to create my first topic/post but I found that I could only choose the categories “Bulletin Board” and “Forum Feedback”, why can I only choose that? and do I need certain requirements to get access to other categories? And if I do need certain requirements what are those requirements? Thank you for reading.

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I think you are trying to post in the top level categories like #help-and-feedback which is not possible. Instead you should select a sub category to post in like #help-and-feedback:scripting-support.


The other categories have now showed up when I checked, I think you need to create your first topic once you get promoted the “Member” role. But thank you for your reply, it helped me figure out some stuff.

I don’t think this is the case. I’ve never made a topic before and have no issues viewing categories. It could be that you were scrolled down all the way and the scroll was glitched so that you couldn’t go up to view any of the other categories, or something like that.


Well its probably just a DevForum bug or something, thanks anyway.

It is not a bug. Right now #bulletin-board is muted by default because it’s not something we developers would regularly be reading. And you can’t post directly in base categories of #help-and-feedback and #platform-feedback.

Look at #forum-feedback. It is a category but no subcategories. We can post directly in the base category because there is no subcategory. Not a bug.