How do I get people to pay for a game?

I’m looking to make my new game paid access so I can hopefully test it without getting a bunch of dislikes from glitches and whatnot. The problem is, will people be willing to pay for the game?

The game isn’t that special like I guess most paid access games are, in the sense that it isn’t extemely polished or anything. It’s just your basic game I guess. Do I need to add flashy images and a neat trailer to get people to buy it or will they just buy it anyway?

Is it also worth it to advertise a paid access game so I can get some people playing it?

Flashy is how you sell. It’s why Battlefield and CoD and the likes keep improving graphics. If you want to sell you need two things: the first is some flashy way to get players to click buy. The second is a gameplay loop that will hook said players and keep servers up as nobody wants to buy a game that has 0 players online.


There are many marketing strategies that can get players to give your game a look. From flashy headlines to out rage marketing you can find many ways to get people to talk about your game. However, I find the best strategy is just try making something original, something unique. People are always drawn to something new.

Twitter is a great outlet for getting some eyeballs to look at your work.


Yeah, considering my Twitter is basically dead I’d rather not use it, but I’m sure I’m missing out.

I hope people will play if I make some attractive thumbnails or something. I don’t know.

Nowadays people care about the bang. They like big bright ads and big bright trailers and videos. It’s always the mind of the audience that you want to put yourself into.