How do I get rid of team scores in my leaderboard?

I have my leaderboard and teams and everything is saving and working but I can’t figure out how to get rid of the team score. I have researched this and just cant find anything. Could someone please help or point me in the right direction? This yellow circled area in the picture is the part I really want to get rid of. I do not want team scores to show for any of the teams (or in my case the teams are jobs). Hope I did this right, its the first time I’ve asked for help.


Or if I can’t get rid of it can I make the amount transparent?
Thank you if anyone can help.

If you want to have people help you easier, you should supply a snippet of the code to help investigate where the problem is…

If you’re doing the leaderboard, you can try making the part where it does math deleted and change it to whatever you want it to be instead of having it add and sum it up.

Thank you for replying! I’m using the leaderboard that is created by adding leaderstats. Then I added teams and it added the team categories. I didn’t add the part where it does the math for teams and I don’t know how to find it?
This is the start of what I did, but I dont think this will help. The rest of the code is dealing with loading, saving and bonus.


local leaderstats ="Folder")
leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats"
leaderstats.Parent = player

local coins ="IntValue")
coins.Name = "Coins"
coins.Parent = leaderstats

I believe if you create a StringValue instead of an IntValue or NumberValue it shouldn’t show up. The only caveat to this is you’ll have to use tonumber() on the value before you can do math on it when changing the player’s stats and whatever else. This is what I mean:

local leaderstats ="Folder")
leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats"
leaderstats.Parent = player

local coins ="StringValue")
coins.Name = "Coins"
coins.Parent = leaderstats

Edit: I can confirm this works:

I just checked on my game since I use StringValues for my leaderstats.


I don’t believe there is a supported method to disable it, you’ll just have to not store your coins in the leaderstats folder. You can rename the leaderstats folder to something else and it won’t be detected by the player list.

EDIT: I think I misunderstood what you mean. You only want to remove the one next to the team, not the players?

yes, I want the individual coins to show but not add them up as a team.

I do not believe this is possible unless you fork the playerlist core scripts. You could possibly request it to be a supported feature.

EDIT: Actually, Crazycat’s method does work.

Ok, I will read more about StringValues and tonumber(). I was just out of ideas on where to even look. Thank you!

I’m not sure how to explain it? Lets say I have 3 cooks. They are listed under the leaderboard as cooks. I want it to show the coins they have individually earned but I do not want it to show the sum of all the cooks coins as a team score.

How did you get the core script like that? I figured out how to fork the chat to get my bubble chat to work right but that’t the only one I have found.

Wonderful!!! Going to try it right now!

Thank you!! It worked! So when money is added to individuals will it still work or do I need to research tonumber() now?
Like this part that adds the bonus:
player.leaderstats.Coins.Value = player.leaderstats.Coins.Value + reward

edit: Changed the wait time for the bonus to test and everything seems to be working perfectly now. Thanks again.

You’ll have to do player.leaderstats.Coins.Value = tonumber(player.leaderstats.Coins.Value) + reward. Essentially, whenever you are doing math on the value, you’d have to put it inside tonumber(). It’s an inconvenience, but I think it’s worth the reward. I use it to put commas in for large numbers (1,000 instead of 1000).

And it automatically adds the commas wonderful! I just found a bug in my script. Forgot to assign a starting amount to new players and its giving me an error. I think I can fix it, but the part you helped me with is working great for returning players.

It doesn’t automatically add commas, that’s my mistake for making it sound that way :sweat_smile:. I use this to create the commas, the StringValues just allow me to put them there. I store my player’s stats in a table in my saving script. The leaderstats are just for display; therefore I wouldn’t recommend doing this with yours. Here what I use sorry if it’s hard to follow, I’ll try and comment it:

local function ConvertCommas(num)
	local x = tostring(num) -- The number as a string
	if x then
		if #x >= 10 then -- If it's less than or equal to 10 digits long (Billions)
			local important = (#x-9)
			return x:sub(0, (important))..","..x:sub(important+1, important+3)..","..x:sub(important+4, important+6)..","..x:sub(important+7) -- Return with appropriate commas
		elseif #x >= 7 then -- If it's less than or equal to 7 digits long (Millions)
			local important = (#x-6)
			return x:sub(0, (important))..","..x:sub(important+1, important+3)..","..x:sub(important+4) -- Return with appropriate commas
		elseif #x >= 4 then -- If it's less than or equal to 4 digits long (Thousands)
			return x:sub(0,(#x-3))..","..x:sub((#x-3)+1) -- Return with appropriate commas
			return tostring(num) -- There isn't need for commas (Hundreds)
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