How do I get rid of this strip of grey highlight across my script lines?

I have this strip of grey highlight across my script lines and it follows wherever my cursor goes to, this isn’t a case of the insert mode being on. How do I get rid of this? Is this a new studio feature, if so how do I turn it off?

I believe it is a new feature. Go to File > Settings > Studio > Go to the Script Editor category > Highlight Current Line, and just turn that to false.


Thank youuuuu bro, you just saved my eyes.

It’s a new feature we released to help developers find which line their cursor is on. Let us know if you have any feedback.

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I think its a bit too translucent and It makes the text harder to read initially. I would prefer if the beginning of the line is highlighted (or a border around the line) instead of the entire line, right now it feels awkward because It seems like the line is selected.

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Yeah basically what cj said, it makes reading our code incredibly strenuous on the eyes.

My only complaint is that it makes it harder to see. I think the highlight should be a lighter color or something. It’s hard to read the text on the line and even harder to find my cursor.

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