How do I get the body of a dead character gets up?

I I’m trying to make a system that when you die or get killed, you stay on the ground and only a doctor can help you with a proximity promt. The problem is that I have already done everything, the gui system, the respawn time, the proximity promt working … But how can I do that when the doctor treats the body it gets up and is not respawned again? I also tried to change the health, but it doesn’t work, another way would perhaps be to respawn the character is to move him to the position of the doctor, but that would not be very realistic…
Thank you for the help!

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SetStateEnabled can be used to prevent the character from entering the Dead state.

ChangeState can be used to enter ragdoll state and getting up.
See HumanoidStateType because I can’t really explain

Something you could do maybe is when the player dies, instead of actually losing health, they are animated to do down, and a timer indicates the time they have to be revived if they are not revived in that time then the health goes to zero.
If they are revived then they get up.

That’s just an idea I got, I know you said you already did most of the work, and I’m not sure what it is your going for, but hopefully it helped in some way. Unfortunately I cant help on the technical side of it.


Yea, your idea is very good, thanks very much, I will try it!

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Ty very much, I’ll try and I’ll let you know!

Also if you wanted you can have a health bar or something to initiate they died or something, I’m not sure what you have or are doing but just a thought.

Although a health bar might be hard to do if the player doesn’t actually die. I’m not exactly a scripter but I have basic knowledge, so I’m not experienced in doing stuff like this to know what’s possible