How do I get the effect to work in Moon Animator?

HI! I’m trying to make a in-game cutscene with moon animator but I can’t figure out how to get the effects to work. I already got them animated inside moon animator and have the keyframes exported, but how do I get them to play in-game?

The effect I’m trying to get working:

pls help, this is a really big project that I’m trying really hard to finish, and it means a lot to me <3

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You Need to be Scripter because some models need script if you did that and didnt working that means there’s error in the script plus u need fix it by somehow

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umm, wdym? I already got all the characters and the camera anim working.

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Then what you need ?i didnt understand you sorry lol

Oh Nevermind I guess You Need pulger From The tool box

Pulger? Is that a plugin or something?

Uh oh Lol I Am Not English so i have some mistke in word but i will check what the thing called and hopefully its work

yeah its called pulger you can make aeffect to moon

just go to tool box then go to pulger plus search about ‘‘Moon’’ And You Can do that and if u was dont know how to do that you can check out the yotube videos so yeah

Ohhh ok, its fine, I understand :slight_smile:

I cannot find anything called “Pulger” -w-

Also, what kind of effects are you talking about? Like the camera effects or particle effects?

My Man I mean
Screenshot 2023-04-08 063157

Read it carefully before coment

Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it ^^

But I have found the solution to my problem: it not possible lol

So I’m just gonna code everything in manually. :slight_smile:

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