How do I get these silky smooth button animations?

Was checking out the new Pet Simulator 99 when I noticed it has very good button animations. Anyone know how I can achieve this in my games? (What TweenInfo does it use?)

There are quite a few things going on but I believe they are setting anchor point to 0.5,0.5, using a UIScale, and just tweening the scale whenever you are hovering over objects. As for the row of items, it is the same thing just with a UIListLayout containing everything so they interact with each other properly.

Thanks for the info, but I was hoping for a bit more specific such as the TweenInfo (Easing Style and Easing Direction)

Probably using MouseEnter and MouseLeave. I’d take a guess at Enum.EasingStyle.Sine or Enum.EasingStyle.Linear and Enum.EasingDirection.Out

There isn’t really much with the tweeninfo… the time it takes for it to grow is really small so I doubt it will be super noticeable.

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