How do I get this Exact Dot? (not the color the dot itself)

I’m trying to make a horror game and make it so I can see where the Monsters are. But only I can, but I wanted to use this Red Dot

But I don’t know how to get the Exact Dot. I tried a Sphere looks nothing like it. This screenshot was from a Video that was uploaded Jan 11, 2024.

You’re wanting Handles


Looks kind of like the default roblox sphere handle adornments used for draggers and such.

Perhaps you can try using it and change its color.

Thank you sir! I’ve been trying everything now I can finish my Game!

I tried this, I used it until I found the exact dot which was from @TaxFraudBruh Still thanks!

Also, another question: what if want to create a rotation tool with these handles, but there is no option for Rotation?

You may want to try ArcHandles

thank you, you really helped me

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