How do I go about creating a Non-Humanoid Starter Character?

I’m currently in the process of making a game, and wanted to make a Non-Humanoid Starter Character.

My character is made up of several separate models (it’s important to note that it’s not like a regular roblox skinned avatar, rather the separate models are things like ‘Main Body’, ‘Hair’, etc.) and one intricate armature with facial movement, meaning I cannot use a ‘humanoid’ – my issue is that i’m not sure on how to go about programming movement for it since I cannot use the humanoid.

I’ve looked over the Devforum, Youtube, and the Roblox Documentation, though cannot seem to find a solid solution.

I just wanted some advice on how to continue on, would it be more efficient to redo my model so it could be used with the humanoid, or create my own movement system that could use the current iteration?

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You would have to make custom humanoid/controller if you don’t wanna use one provided. good luck creating custom :slight_smile: