How do I go about making an FPS gun system? I'm a new at FPS yet I have a lot of experience scripting other things

What are the mechanics I should do?

I am an experienced scripter and I want to make a gun aiming system but I also want to allow flexibility for when we have to do animations like reload animations etc.

Gun aiming will be on client side but I also want it to replicate to the server and to other players.

Shooting will be on client side but I also want it to replicate to the server and other players.

I think it will be very complicated for me so please help at least I want someone to teach me.
I don’t want to copy from a tutorial because they tend to be very methodical and they don’t allow other understanding and it’s specific.

I want the gun to be animatable too.

I have tried to put the gun on the character and aim it but it resulted in a very buggy laggy experience.

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There are a lot of posts that already covered this

I am looking for a way without viewport models though

Like the character aiming and the hands moving nicely

I was not great by not completely interpreting what you were saying and I apologize.

With this resource, you should be able to make the gun play animations you just need to setup the gun rig with motor6ds.

When a player shoots their gun you fire the server with the bullet information like where it was shot from and the direction and then once the server receives that information it then RemoteEvent | Roblox Creator Documentation so they can render the bullet being shot on their clients

Can you explain how what lead(What did you do) to the experience?