How do i go making a Low Poly City for my new game called "Poly Paradise"

Hello Developer pals.

I was wondering on how do i start making an Low Poly Building for my game called “Poly Paradise” is there any way i can start to make it? like the easy way?


This is a very vague question.
How do you make a low poly building? Build it! Post pictures and ask others what they think of it.

If you are looking for an easy way then you need to give us more information of what you want to do, like build with Parts or Meshes. A few examples of what you are trying to build would help too so we can give you better answers.

Thank you so much @Scottifly but what i meant it where do i start. Buildings or Streets?

Ah, ok.
If you are making a big city then I’d suggest planning the build using single Part Buildings as ‘placeholders’ instead of actually creating the buildings.
Put them on a baseplate with no road details and move them to where you’d think they look good. Remember that all city streets are not the same distance apart, and some run at random angles instead of 90 degrees to each other.
Walk through the game, and if you have vehicles for it already try driving around. If you find the scale isn’t right then now’s the time to fix it, rather than later when you’ve already started putting details in your buildings.
Remember to plan for things like sidewalks around buildings so players and vehicles aren’t hitting each other.

Ok thank you for that @Scottifly. i’m just a solo dev thats why it’s so hard for me to build a low poly city

Btw do you know how to make the buildings neon when night and then smoothplastic when day? like if in day it wont glow but in night every building starts to glow.
Do you know how to do that?

Here’s a tutorial about street lights, but you can use it to make the day/night cycle affect the Material Property only.

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Ok thank you for the video @Scottifly