How do i go with creating a hitbox that detects any players inside it?

i’m trying to code a hardpoint system for my game, so when a player is inside the hardpoint the hardpoint integrity changes. but when i use GetTouchingParts() for the code, it doesn’t seem to detect the player but only when the hitbox’s CanCollide property is set to true

how do i go with creating a hitbox that detects any players inside it?

		hardpointtable[v.Name].insurgents = {}
		hardpointtable[v.Name].stf = {}
		local partstouching = v.Hitbox:GetTouchingParts()
		for i, v2 in pairs(partstouching) do
			if v2 == "Terrain" then return end
			local humanoid = v2.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid")
			print("Pass 3")

(this is only the portion of the code)

Try GetPartBoundsInBox

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Simple solutions: Touch events, region3, :gettouchingparts(), :getpartboundsinbox()
a bit advanced: raycast with attachments

this is for detecting, now making the hitbox depends

if u want a simple hitbox u can create a new part instance and position it to the lookvector of the hrp, and weld them together, and detect if that part was touched by a player

else if u want a more accurate one you can use raycast

wow, never knew that was a thing
the only thing is that now my performance is butchered :joy:

That’s probably because you run a loop every frame try changing that heartbeat connection with a while loop

replacing the loop with a while loop will only make it so it does the entire function individually instead of all hardpoints operating at a time

To fix that check out spawn and task.spawn and coroutines use them carefully though or it may decrease your performance

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