How do I grow a community on Roblox?

Hello! I am currently making a game on Roblox. I own a group that I have recently made and it is for storing the games that I make. Before the game releases, I would like to know some simple ways to grow a community before my project releases. This includes sharing the game on social media or advertising. Opinions on different techniques for growing a community will be very helpful to me in the future. I would like to know peoples opinions and suggestions on DevForum before doing anything.

If you have anything suggestions or ideas to help this, let me know! I appreciate any help! :smile:

I don’t have any community so I’m not sure.

If I would grow a community, I would get lots of sources to sponsor my group (If I could reach them that is), or just advertise it on YouTube.

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Depending on the game and art style, ads might be a way to go, especially if it’s a unique concept. However, if you can’t spare the Robux or you don’t think ads are worth it, reach out to YouTubers, especially smaller and medium sized YouTubers, because their fanbase would be more specific.

But the most important thing is of all is a community Discord server, to keep in existing players and provide a platform for newer players to join.