How do I hide CorePackages?

I noticed today that there is a new folder called CorePackages that shows up for some unknown reason. It seems that I’m unable to delete it, so I guess it’s something by Roblox maybe?

What can I do to hide it?


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Just disable it in the Studio tab in settings, scroll down a but and you’ll find it, this is only useful if some developers want to see the framework of how the packages work


I don’t have that option in settings.

Hello from the future. For anyone still looking for an answer to this question: the property in settings was hidden at some point. However, since it’s still part of the API, you can still configure it using the Command bar. Paste this in to see it go poof:

settings().Studio["Show CorePackages"] = false

To bring it back, you’ll need to run the same code again but with true instead.

Disclaimer: I’m not guaranteeing this property will still exist or function in the future, nor am I responsible if you break something when you fiddle with the guts of Studio.

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