How do I hide ProximityPrompts on the client?

I’m converting my game’s interact system to use ProximityPrompts instead of my existing custom solution. The problem is that I need to hide only certain prompts as they appear.

For example, when the player is holding an item, they are not able to interact with everything; they can only interact with certain items. How do I hide the prompts only on the items that they should not be able to interact with?

The enabled property of ProximityPrompt doesn’t work because then it’ll never show up again. Scripting it to automatically re-enable these prompts when the player should be able to interact with them again would be a lot of trouble. The enabled property of ProximityPromptService is in the same boat.

Is there a way to hide/temporarily disable certain ProximityPrompts as they show up, like in the PromptShown event? I already do something similar by automatically setting the interact key to the player’s bound key when prompts show up.

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To Hide a ProximityPrompt from a players screen and make it not able to use you can do ProximityPrompt.Enabled = false this can be done in client or server script. You can also change the property in the Properties tab of the prompt.

The enabled feature does work if you assign a bool to it went you want it to appear.

That’s not what I’m asking. I even specifically said that the enabled property is not a solution that I’m looking for. Go back and read the body of the post, not just the title.