How do I hide the player nametag?

I am trying to hide a players name tag because I am using a custom one.

I have tried setting the DisplayDistanceType to none but that hides the health bar too which I need. I also tried setting the NameDisplayDistance to 0 which didn’t work. I’d like to avoid making a custom health bar too. Any solutions?

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This also hides the health bar that I need.

Make a custom health bar overhead then :open_mouth:

Yes, that’s true. You should also make a custom health gui then.

Well I guess theres no other way as I’ve tried everything but roblox should really make this easier lmao

Nvm found a solution apparently I can only do this
Humanoid.DisplayName = " "


I would suggest to set DisplayDistanceType to Subject and set NameDisplayDistance to 0 instead of using DisplayName.


Alright I’ll do that thanks.

just to get above the characters needed limit