How do I hire roblox developers or get hired myself in the most secured way?

Hi! I’m very new to the roblox developer forum, so I don’t really know if this is the right place to post it, please forgive me if this is not the right place to post this issue!
Basically, I’ve hired some small developers before, also got hired once, but I really don’t know how secure it is, I mean, what if the person I hired downloaded a copy of my game and sold assets of it? or, what if someone built something for me, and used the same model for his games too? or, when I get hired, how can I be sure that the one who hired me is going to scam me or not? like, what if he doesn’t pay me the amount he was supposed to, and rather ignores or blocks me? any help would be appreciated!!

Yo should make them work separately in their own baseplate

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Unfortunately the concerns you brought up are just some of the many risks associated with conducting business online and especially on relatively unregulated platforms such as ROBLOX. However, there are ways to prevent or minimize any malicious intent.

1) Request an initial down payment before you complete any work; I usually ask for 10% or 15%.

2) Ensure whoever you are hiring is regularly keeping you up to date with what’s going on.

3) Do a background check on whoever you intend to hire or work for. Do they have any prior work experience? Are they active participants on the DevForum or other developer-focused chats? Can anyone reputable vouch for them?

4) Do not hand over ANY assets before you have received full payment; this is common rule in any business transaction.

5) Complete your work on a private studio session that only you have access to.

6) Contracts. This really only applies to larger, more funded projects but I would suggest using a binding contract when being hired or hiring. The drawback with this is the majority of individuals online do not understand the legal implications of a contract.

You will never fully eliminate the risks that come with online work or commissions. If something feels sketchy or is leaving you with a bad feeling, you are probably right.


thanks for the advice, but the thing is, they could use the assest for their own game too, or maybe they could sell it to other developers

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alright but they could think that I am scammer, that is, that I will run away with their robux (blocking them) and not giving them their assets, how can I make them trust that I wont scam, or how can I really trust them? could reporting to roblox customer care work if they scam? would I get back the scammed robux if I get scammed?

Well, it’s their loss if they’ve commissioned you and then think you’re a scammer. They should be the ones to ALWAYS pay first. As long as you’ve made it clear that you’re not a scammer, eg. Sending progression Images is one way you can do that and probably the best way. Since if you are sending your progression they have no reason to assume that you’re a scammer.


Yeah but how can I make them believe it? I didn’t really understand what you said (I’m sorry) but It’s like I’m also assuming that the other guy might be scammer, as there are some people who actually scams, so it could be that they think that I might be one of the scammers, I mean, how can I really prove them that Im not a scammer? I just want to know how you guys handle it, that is, how do you guys get hired or hire others, how can you guys be so sure that the one you hired is not a scammer, he might use the assets he built for my game for his games too, that would lower my game’s standard.

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