How do I import avatars into blender without a weird texturing effect happening?

I’ve been planning on making a gfx of a few avatars, and I found a helpful tutorial on how to import your avatars using a rig you must append in blender. I’m using blender 2.9, and when I import hats/accessories from avatars, they come out as somewhat translucent/having some emission that doesn’t match the rest of the avatar. I’m trying to get rid of this effect.

Link to the tutorial: How to Insert Roblox Models Into Blender 2.90 - YouTube

Screenshots of the issue:

Somewhere in the comment section the creator suggested removing the alpha nodes, which I did, but there’s still this weird translucent effect occurring.

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Can you send a screenshot of how the nodes look like in the shading workspace?

Here’s how I solve this normally:

  1. Remove all the materials of the model.
  2. Add back the materials by clicking New in the Material Properties.
  3. Pay attention to Base color, click the circle thing beside the color bar and click Image Texture, then click open and locate the texture png file. It should be in the file where you exported the model.

This ONLY works if your model only has one image texture. If it have multiple, you must separate the tool or any other thing in Edit Mode.


click on the hats and go to the material tab, scroll down and make sure the selection is on opaque, ignore yellow scribbles

Thank you so much! This got rid of the translucent look the hats had, but there’s still an odd difference in like “brightness” between the avatar and their hats. Any ideas as to why?


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Thank you! This was finally the solution.

Here’s what I got with your method, and I must say it looks much more natural. This is a comparison between using the Opaque method and yours, although the avatar on the right’s hat needs to have the hat and glasses imported separately. But nevertheless, it works.

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