How do I import my map into blender?

im trying to make a gfx for my game but i can’t figure out how people import their maps

i tried doing export selection but this just happened

how do i do this?

I always do this:

  • Save the file as a FBX
  • Go to Studio and insert a MeshPart to workspace
  • Go to the MeshPart’s properties and click the folder icon
  • Select the file
  • Done!

(I always do it this way)

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export each object seperatly or just build your scene in blender

The issue is that roblox material dont get loaded in blender like roblox due to scripts. U ll have to create ur own textures or play with nodes. Also there is a plugin for this by @maplestick

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i meant the oppposite

do you mean a roblox plugin or a blender plugin? because i cant find it in their inventory

They want to get a map into Blender, not into Studio.

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I recommend you take a look at this HowToRoblox(@Sub2HTR ) video, follow the steps and you’ll be fine.

Here’s the link: How to IMPORT MESHES with TEXTURES | HowToRoblox - YouTube

Better export each object separately, and if a message appears from roblox saying that your mesh exceeds 10000 triangles, go to blender and use the DECIMATE modifier and decrease the polygons a little.

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Oh ok sorry @no_tsi


Blender plugin

yes i found thank you, i will see if it helps