How do I improve this GFX?

I just started, so could u give me some beginner tips? I use Blender 2.8

also wondering how much you’d purchase this for assuming u wanted it


I believe, for improvements, make it look like the character is holding the lightsaber, and not the character touching the lightsaber and it floating in the air. Also, maybe make some foot prints in the snow.

And with everything I mentioned, it may go for about 1.2k - 2k.


You should consider adding effects or emission to the light saber, so it actually look like one. Thus, use some HDRI lightning, Bump and Principled BSDF for realism.

I added all those , should I have increased the strength? or is it not visible

Seems like you modified it so it looks less visible. Make sure to use a right HDRI as well.

You should add more effects to the lightsaber.

As you can see, from that picture above, on the lightsaber it almost looks like fire. Perhaps you could make it glow more.

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